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Petrochemical enterprises pay a huge price for upgrading oil products

author: Popularity:- date:2017/12/4 16:35:29

        China's oil refining industry has made great efforts to adapt to the national standards, and the common people do not understand it. Every upgrade means huge cost, including investment in science and technology research and development, and how to achieve this technology. If it can't be realized, we must buy tens of millions of dollars in patent fees and process packages abroad. We also have to invest in the research and development, the laboratory, the pilot, the industrial experiment, and the promotion of the operation cost. Each additional process increases cost expenditure. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement of hydrodesulfurization, the price of oil refining enterprises is too expensive to meet the country vi.

        From the point of capital investment, China's petroleum refining and chemical industry has invested a large amount of funds, and also in the construction of these two aspects of the equipment to improve the quality of oil products. Sinopec in the oil upgrading, in 2010 the overall acquisition of patent technology Philips catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization, and this technology for innovation, the formation of a new generation of S_Zorb patent has its own characteristics, mainly to solve the problem of long period operation. The original device was running for about 4 months, and now it can be up to 3 years. The Sinopec has about 25 sets of S_Zorb technologies, with a total processing capacity of about 31000000 tons per year.

        From the cost point of view, the cost of national standard VI plus alkylated oil increases by 200 yuan. The octane number of loss should be replenish by the high octane component, and the octane number will be recovered, which will cost the economy. The severity of the existing equipment has been improved and the requirements of oil upgrading can be met. But the life of the device will decline, the use of the catalyst is shortened, and it will eventually cost a lot. These cost refiners can be able to withstand low oil prices, and there is a problem at high oil prices. It is suggested that the state reduce fuel tax and other measures to reduce enterprise costs.

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