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Application of supercritical fluid extraction equipment in the field of food health

author: Popularity:- date:2017/10/26 16:08:31

       The application of supercritical fluid extraction (supercritical fluid extraction) technology in the field of food health. Supercritical fluid extraction, as a green and environmental extraction technology, has the following advantages compared with traditional extraction, organic solvent extraction and steam extraction.

1. there is no residual organic solvent in the extract, carbon dioxide can be recycled, no environmental pollution, and it belongs to the green production process.

2. carbon dioxide does not fuel and flame retardant, and it is safe to use.

3. low extraction temperature, will not cause the destruction of the heat sensitive material activity;

4. the extraction speed is fast, the time is short, and the efficiency is high.

5. carbon dioxide is cheap and easy to get, and the cost of production is low.

       The separation of 6. solvent and solute is convenient. The separation of solute and solvent can be achieved by changing the temperature and pressure, and the operation is simple. Because of the above characteristics and advanced nature, the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology has a broad prospect in the application of health food.

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