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The scale of the development of petroleum instruments

author: Popularity:- date:2017/10/26 16:08:11

       The development scale of petroleum instruments: first, the rapid development of the entire national economy and the further deepening of the integration of the two technologies have led to the demand for automation in various economic fields, thus bringing the prosperity of instrument industry. Specifically, the implementation of the national key projects, highlighting the food and medicine safety related problems are beneficial to the people's livelihood opportunities, play a crucial role in the manufacturing of instrumentation intelligent equipment, production process automation and quality supervision and quarantine link. Secondly, during the "11th Five-Year" period, the domestic instrumentation technology improved significantly, resulting in some foreign market share gradually replaced by the domestic market, and increased the market share of domestic instruments and meters. Third, the demand for instruments and meters in Chinese market makes many multinational companies pay much attention to this cake in China market, and more and more foreign enterprises begin to open factories in China. From then on, the products needed to be imported into local production, to a certain extent, expanded the scale of the instrument and instrument industry.

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