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Shaanxi Petroleum Instrument Machinery Enterprise opening up international market symposium held in Xi'an

author: Popularity:- date:2017/10/26 16:07:59

        Electromechanical chamber of Commerce will actively planning for the formal establishment of "at the end of August, Shaanxi Province Petroleum Instrument machinery enterprise sales strategy alliance", make our province oil equipment, machinery enterprises to strengthen horizontal cooperation, realize information sharing, to develop the international market.

       In recent years, our Province Petroleum Instrument and machinery enterprises continue to grow and develop, the enterprise consciousness to explore the international market, increasing exports to grow steadily, to promote our province petroleum instruments and machinery enterprises to strengthen ties, mutual support, extend the industrial chain, enhance competitiveness, realize information sharing, to develop the international market, and promote more oil the instrument, mechanical products export, the provincial commerce department of mechanical and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the office of the organization of more than 10 key oil equipment, machinery enterprises, import and export of electromechanical products in August 5th, held in Xi'an of Shaanxi Province, oil equipment, machinery enterprises to exploit the international market forum.

      At the symposium, the provincial Office of Commerce and Commerce announced the import and export of mechanical and electrical products in the first half of the province and the purpose of convening the conference, and announced the policy of encouraging and supporting foreign trade. Vice president of the United Arab Emirates, Chinese chamber of Commerce vice president of the Shaanxi Provincial Electrical Association Mr. Wan Changqing introduced the Middle East oil development situation and market conditions, ways and methods of how well our province enterprises to develop Iran, Iraq and other related to the market, and give full play to the UAE in the public service platform, the business hall has been established, to support the establishment of fair service platform in Basra Iraq, oil equipment, machinery enterprises to help develop the Middle East and Iraqi market. The Shaanxi Representative Office of the China International Electronic Commerce Center introduced the development of China's electronic commerce and the establishment of the Shaanxi electronic commerce platform.

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