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Ultra supercritical power generation technology to accelerate the process of self

author: Popularity:- date:2017/10/26 16:07:09

        The demonstration project of the four main pipelines of the ultra supercritical thermal power plant is being carried out in an orderly way. The factory will be completed and installed on the spot in the near future. In the thermal power plant of metal materials on 3~4 September China power technology and welding technology exchange network held in 2013, the National Energy Bureau ultra supercritical thermal power generating units four pipe domestic joint R & D team members to introduce "Chinese demonstration project of Power Daily" reporter, "according to the plan, the demonstration plant will be put into commercial operation at the end of this year. The demonstration project will enter the pipeline in service supervision." The localization of four major pipelines in ultra supercritical thermal power unit is an important symbol for the full realization of the nationalization of ultra supercritical thermal power unit. Under the auspices of the National Energy Bureau, according to the November 2010 ultra supercritical thermal power generating units of four pipelines localization work conference, the electric power enterprise and steel pipe manufacturing enterprises and Thermal Power Research Institute jointly set up the "1 million kilowatts ultra supercritical thermal power generating units of four pipe domestic demonstration project" joint research and development team, working together in domestic work promote the ultra supercritical unit four pipeline.

      In recent years, ultra supercritical coal-fired power generation technology is accelerating, and the technology of ultra supercritical power generation at 600 degrees Celsius is deepened. The ultra supercritical power technology roadmap of 700 degrees Celsius has been drawn, and the overall efficiency of coal-fired power generation is continuously improving.

      The development direction of "12th Five-Year" coal-fired power generation by Ultra Supercritical

     "Our country has already delivered 600 degrees Celsius ultra supercritical unit up to 100, more than 80 million kilowatts, the number and total capacity of the world is the first." At the 2013 meeting of metal materials and welding technology in thermal power plant, Gao Peichang, chairman of Wuzhi group, Zhong man electric power pipeline (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., told China Electric Power reporter that "China is the largest producer and user country of ultra supercritical units". In recent years, Wuzhi Zhongman electric power group (Tianjin) Limited pipeline company has been committed to the development of ultra supercritical units materials and technology development. They cooperate with the development of a power plant fittings 1 million kilowatts ultra supercritical unit A335, P91 material processing, different professional institutions to the product technology index test results are qualified, technical appraisal committee composed of domestic authority over the technical appraisal of the achievements in scientific research.

     In the 90s of last century, the electric power department of our country began to introduce foreign advanced 600 degree super supercritical unit. The first domestic 600 degree centigrade super supercritical unit was put into operation in Huaneng Yuhuan power plant in November 28, 2006. Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. based on Huaneng Yuhuan power plant 600 million kilowatts ultra supercritical coal fired units as the research project, first put forward the technology selection plan for the development of ultra supercritical thermal power units in China.

    At present, our country has already possessed the base and ability of producing 1 million KW, 25 MPa and 600 degrees Celsius power generation unit in ultra supercritical power generation.

   'ultra supercritical' has become a key word in the field of '12th Five-Year' coal-fired power generation. From the annual meeting of metal materials and welding technology exchanges in thermal power plants, more and more experts and scholars have exchanged discussions on the technical problems of ultra supercritical. China Electric Power Science and technology network CEO Wei Yupu told the China Electric Power newspaper reporter.

   Metal material is the key to the development of Ultra Supercritical

  "The key to the development of ultra supercritical thermal power generator is the research and development of high temperature metal material and its welding technology." Yang Fu, chairman of the 2013 Conference on metal materials and welding technology in thermal power plants, has been working in the former power department for many years.

    "As far as the ultra supercritical thermal power units are being invested and being built in China, the important parts of high temperature metal materials are all imported from foreign countries. In order to reduce cost cost, we should speed up the development of domestic technology of import tube, and invest a lot in new units. " Shenhua Guoneng Group Technology Research Institute experts to "China electric newspaper" reporter, "the new heat resistant steel used in ultra supercritical thermal power units is the key to the safe operation of the unit, only a large number of new properties as soon as possible to master the use of steel and welding technology and other cutting-edge information, in order to better protect the safety and stability of units." China of iron and Steel Research Institute structure material is years of research experts Cheng Shichang ultra supercritical power generation technology, he said at the meeting: "600 degrees Celsius ultra supercritical unit is to buy technology to foreign companies, there are intellectual property rights, namely the production of each unit must pay high fees to foreign company. The export sales of the unit must be approved by foreign companies. It seriously affects the production and sales of our super supercritical unit at 600 degrees Celsius, which objectively restricts our economic development. " According to the reporter's understanding, the super critical material of 700 degree Celsius is the super nickel base alloy. Since 1998, the super nickel base alloy has been simulated for more than 100 thousand hours in Europe. At present, our country does not have the manufacturing capability of super nickel based alloy, and it is still in the exploration and development stage.

     Research Laboratory University of Science and Technology Beijing experts, domestic metal alloy and high temperature alloy professor Xie Xishan said: "the application of Ni base superalloy in coal-fired units is a systems engineering, need good cooperation mechanism in metallurgy industry, boiler manufacturing, electric power industry." In December 1, 2012, "the development and application of steel pipe for ultra supercritical thermal power unit of 600 degrees Celsius" has been identified through scientific and technological achievements. The technology of steel pipe in China's 600 degree super supercritical thermal power plant is from scratch, and is leapt to the country.

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