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The first steam injection operation in the supercritical steam huff and puff well in China

author: Popularity:- date:2017/10/26 16:06:17

        After more than half a year's demonstration and equipment installation and commissioning, the first domestic 35 MPa supercritical steam huff and puff well started steam injection operation in July 22nd in Tui ha oilfield, Ying 4 Ping 1 well.

      Thermal recovery is the best method for heavy oil mining. At present, the boiler pressure in domestic use is less than 21 MPa, and the related technology and technology are matured. 21 MPa steam boiler subcritical steam stimulation is not ideal in the eastern Lukeqin test, mainly because it is a block of oil well belongs to super deep and thick oil wells, boiler pressure limited, steam injection amount, yield increasing effect of co..

       In order to solve this block of super deep wells of conventional steam stimulation can effectively increase the problem, after full argument, decided in Tuha oilfield in the UK for 4 flat 1 wells 35 MPa supercritical steam stimulation test.

      After supercritical pressure steam injection, the reservoir pressure near the well zone is high, and the temperature distribution is the same as that of the injected saturated steam. The reservoir is easier to be heated, which is conducive to increasing the production pressure difference and increasing the output. Supercritical steam is mainly used in the field of nuclear power, a detailed literature on physical properties of the open degree is limited, and the steam software cannot calculate wellbore heat loss and pressure drop variation of supercritical steam and other related technology is not mature precedent. Turpan Hami technicians earnestly study the physical performance of supercritical steam and the heat loss and pressure drop rules of steam in the wellbore, and draw lessons from Liaohe conventional steam huff and puff experience, and finally finish the design of single well plan for the 4 well 1 well supercritical steam huff and puff, and pass the review.

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