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What is subcritical, supercritical, ultra supercritical?

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The water will be vaporized during the heating process, and a saturated pressure must correspond to a saturated temperature.

During the constant pressure heating process of water, under each pressure, the water will go through an unsaturated water (o) point, the saturated water (a) point, the wet saturated vapor (x) point, and the dry saturated vapor (b) point until the superheated steam (E) point. As the pressure increases, the a point moves to the right trend, B points to the left of the trend, and gradually reduce the vaporization stage as the pressure increases, when the A and B points coincide, this is the critical point of water, the saturated water and steam has no difference.

So, the critical point of water is P=22.129MPa, T=374.12 C

The steam parameters of the subcritical thermal power unit: P=16~19MPa, T= 538 C / 538 C or T= 540 C / 540 C.

When the parameters of the steam parameters exceed the critical state of the water, it is known as a supercritical unit, and (Supercritical) is expressed in (SC). The steam pressure of a general supercritical unit is 24~26MPa, and its typical parameters are P=24.1 MPa, 538 C / 538 C, and the parameters of 600MW supercritical units under construction in China are: P=25.4MPa, 538 C / 566 C, or P=25.4MPa, 566 C / 566 C.

Ultra supercritical unit is to further improve the steam pressure and temperature based on the parameters of the supercritical unit, usually the international main steam pressure in 24.1~31MPa, the main steam / reheat steam temperature is 580 DEG ~600 DEG C / 580 ~ 610 DEG C for the definition of unit ultra supercritical units, namely supercritical (USC) unit. The main steam P= 25~26.5MPa, T= 600 C / 600 C of the super supercritical unit (USC) are being built in China.

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