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What is the supercritical and super critical point of a power plant

author: Popularity:- date:2017/2/21 15:20:17

       It refers to the parameters of the thermodynamic system of a generator set, and the critical point of water is at 22.12Mpa, 374.12 degrees. Under this parameter, it belongs to subcritical, which is supercritical. After the critical state, the proportion of water and steam is the same, and the natural circulation can not be used to heat the boiler. The forced circulation must be adopted.

     For the thermal equipment of the generating set, the steam parameters of the boiler and the steam turbine exceed 22.12Mpa, which is super critical. However, the steam pressure of the supercritical unit is above 24Mpa, and the temperature is not high enough to maintain at a level of 545 degrees and 550 degrees. The steam pressure of the super supercritical unit is a little higher than 25Mpa, and the temperature has a big leap, reaching 600 degrees. This is the specific point of supercritical and ultra supercritical.

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