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What do you think of the various conditions of the oil instruments?

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   Production status of petroleum instruments

        Compared with the state of foreign enterprises, the potential of our country to economize in this respect is great. The other, one of the important cost of production is used in petroleum equipment, due to the requirement of production control despite the progress analysis of the frequency and sampling points, by chance, a day after the sample analysis of the refinery up to hundreds, and each test sample needs many goals, task amount is huge, which needs many configuration (the price and some configuration the maintenance costs are very high, such as octane, many analysts) in demand, the demand of many reagents, these costs are also larger.

       Storage, transportation and market circulation of oil instruments

       The oil storage period will change; the pipeline switch will form with purification; purchase and sale of oil depot and the quality of gas station, otherwise the lack of on-line control of gasoline blending blending process, can not be on-site production and unloading ship synchronous, blocking the formation of a small amount of Library scene, the city has important influence on oil market attack.

        On the one hand, the quality supervision of part of the demand to increase oil quality supervision, combating fake and smuggled oil, the real situation on the other hand, operators demand not only real-time understanding of oil, do the quality pass, to ensure that the brand effect of himself, but also do not waste the quality objectives, to obtain better economic benefits.

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