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Analysis of the gap between domestic and foreign oil instruments

author: Popularity:- date:2016/12/24 10:10:59

      Before we do the experiment, we would like to buy domestically produced instruments. The price will be a bit worthwhile. But according to our experience, after a period of time, the domestic instruments are easy to go wrong. So we'd rather spend a little more on the imported instruments that use longer time. " One scientist said that. It is also the common feeling of many users of analytical instruments in our country. It can be seen that there is an undeniable gap between China's oil instruments and foreign products.

     So, what is the gap between domestic oil instruments and imported products?

    The use of time and measurement accuracy is a magnitude gap

    The China Association for science and technology released the findings of their organization in March 2007: there are more than 90 kinds of analytical instruments applied in China petroleum instruments, and more than 20 kinds of analytical instruments are being applied in China, less than 1/3 of total products. Among them, there are about 80 kinds of special instruments for life sciences. There are only 6 kinds of commercialized life science special instrument products in China. About 10 kinds of products are currently being researched, which is far from market demand. This is the gap in quantity.

      In technology, the existing domestic and most affordable products can replace imported products, the reliability index of Montana high-end products, namely the average failure free operation time compared with foreign products, a difference of about 2 orders of magnitude L.

     In the measurement accuracy, the existing domestic products and foreign products generally differ by 1 orders of magnitude. Because the research on oil China instrument based technology and manufacturing process is not enough, some key techniques affecting the reliability, such as precision machining technology, sealing technology, welding technology has yet to be solved, resulting in good products, especially the performance of high-end products is not enough stable and reliable.

      In terms of function, at present, the intelligence level of foreign production is quite high. Through the digital processing of raw information, we can better exclude the influence of external interference on information, and improve the environmental resistance and authenticity of products. But the domestic product intellectualization degree is still low.

     In addition, the network of products has entered the practical stage in foreign countries, and our country is basically in the initial stage, which makes the performance and function of the product backward.

     According to the experts, the renewal cycle of foreign products today is about 2 - 3 years. The reserve of new technology can often be advanced to 10 years. Chinese enterprises often introduce foreign technology to achieve the upgrading of a generation of products, but they can't digest them very well after introducing. There are few original achievements in the development of new products. Some products with new principles are still in a blank state in our country. Although scientific research institutes have achieved results in tracking new technologies, it is very difficult to integrate with enterprises, which leads to a long period of product technology renewal.

     In addition, domestic petroleum instruments are short of special solutions developed for the use of objects. The development trend of measurement control and instrumentation in recent years is the software product which is closely integrated with instrumentation and application objects, and ultimately provides users with personalized solutions. For example, for the 6 * 10 kW thermal power unit's performance calculation software, refining process optimization software, graphics processing software specially used for medical instrumentation, domestic enterprises have not yet formed industry in this area.

   The foundation is weak and the institutional mechanism is not straightened out

   The experts who participated in the survey said that petroleum instruments belonged to the high-tech industry, while China's industrial development mostly relied on the advantage of low labor cost, and this advantage is difficult to play in the petroleum instrument industry.

   They believe that there are several reasons for the gap between China's oil instruments and foreign countries. The operating mechanism of Chinese enterprises can not fully adapt to the requirements of the development of the market economy. In the process of development, a number of national investment enterprises facing aging products, grim situation, technical personnel loss after restructuring, although in the production and management has been improved, but the technology innovation ability is still not enough; a number of innovative and flexible operation mechanism of private enterprises gradually become a new bright spot, but the vast majority of enterprises small and medium enterprises, small scale, and most of them are unable to grasp the advanced core technology, innovation, also not with foreign companies compete.

    First, the organic combination system and policy of the country's overall production, learning and research have not been formed, the conversion rate of innovation results is low and the application of technology is poor. In the initial stage of reform and opening up, the oil instrument industry has a large gap with other countries, and enterprises are generally looking for technological sources. Although there have been some changes in recent years, enterprises have come to the fore. But in general, there is not enough combination of technological innovation and application, so the growth of large enterprises is difficult.

   The scientific research institutions of our country have a lot of research achievements on measurement and control technology and related instruments, but their practicability is poor. The research depth and strength of the related manufacturing technology, especially the core technology technology, is not enough. The work of the two development is very heavy, and the conversion rate of the results is low. High profile instrument products and systems involving the application of technology with certain depth in different areas, foreign enterprises with professional departments and personnel with rich experience, while China's petroleum equipment enterprises often on large engineering technology are not familiar with the lack of applied technology integration capabilities. Therefore, it is difficult to produce high grade products.

   Secondly, there is a lack of strong research support system in the country. The oil instrument industry has many varieties and small batch, which needs long-term and unremitting investment. But at present, the way of state investment is scattered, it is difficult to focus on the focus. Enterprises can not follow the market economy rules as well as foreign enterprises.

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