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How to prevent lightning from petroleum scientific research instruments

author: Popularity:- date:2016/12/24 9:42:55

        At present, when planning Petroleum Instrument and meter system in China, the problem of lightning protection is not considered at all. However, there has been nearly 20 years of research and application experience in this field. In some domestic petrochemical fields, the control system is paralyzed by lightning strikes, and the economic loss is great. Some oil instrument factories in China can only use SPD locally in some places of absolute tension, and maintenance is only limited to field instruments or control rooms such as DCS, PLC, etc., and it doesn't really complete the lightning protection of the instrument system.

       In order to reach the petroleum department of instrumentation lightning protection system, the installation of production basis of potential convergence criterion to be considered from the aspects of planning, control room, field instruments, instrument signal and power line, lightning, accept the distribution of current and voltage, grounding, shielding and other steps, electrical, construction, demand self-control and other professional collaboration to complete, in addition to considering the security of the system, but also consider the economic capital investment, operation.

        Cable oil instrument system a semiconductor device, integrated circuit and receiving notification signal, by the lightning transient electromagnetic pulse radiation can be indirectly to these components, also can be in power or feel a signal line transient voltage wave, along the line of invasive electronic configuration, the electronic configuration task failure or failure. The application of a shield to obstruct or attenuate the energy transmission of the electromagnetic pulse is an invaluable protective step.

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