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        Nantong Huaxing Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in designing, researching and manufacturing petroleum, petrochemical analysis, supercritical fluid extraction and other instruments. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, geological, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, colleges and universities and other scientific research institutions.

       Nantong Huaxing Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. is based on the concept of "seeking new, refined, sincere service", and standardizing and standardizing management. We employ a number of senior talents for the design and development of professional industrial products and mould manufacturing in China.

      Nantong Huaxing Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, complete detection means and excellent basic conditions. It has always attached importance to good faith management and technology development.

      Nantong Huaxing Petroleum Instrument Co. Ltd mainly provide sample preparation equipment, conventional core analysis instrument, multifunctional chemical flooding physical simulation system, steam flooding, CO2 flooding, polymer flooding, microbial flooding and foam flooding, flooding and other physical vibration simulation system and combustion, high temperature high-pressure visual stirred reactor series, phase equilibrium, super supercritical fluid extraction device series and special materials, special specifications of pipe valves and other products sold throughout the country, praised by users!

       We look forward to your participation, cooperation and cooperation with our enthusiasm. We will provide you with good products and services, develop together and create brilliance on the basis of mutual benefit.

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Nantong Huaxing oil instrument Limited company
Adress:No 18 Sunxin Road Haian County Jiangsu
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